House Painters Boynton Beach

House Painters Boynton Beach

Our Painting Company in Boynton Beach offers a variety of painting services. From Interior and Exterior Painting to Residential and Commercial Painting. House Painter Boynton Beach have been in  business for over 28 yrs. We are a licensed and Insured Painting Company Located in Boynton Beach. When it comes to painting the interior or exterior of your home, we have several options. Whatever you decide, our Painting Company will provide all Professional Painting Services you need.

Exterior House Painters Boynton Beach

  •  Power wash all surfaces using a 4,000 P.S.I. pressure cleaner in order to remove all lose paint and chalk.
  •  Apply  Sherwin Williams Lox-on Sealer tinted to final color. .  that will be tinted to the final color.
  •  House Painters  Boynton Beach will fill all cracks using and Elastomeric Patching Compound that will stretch up to 300%.
  •  Fill any holes and caulk any openings in the fascia and accent bands.
  •  All exterior doors that are to be painted will be sanded and caulked as needed prior to painting.
  •  House Painters Boynton Beach will apply two wets coats of Sherwin Williams Exterior Satin Latex. We only use the top-of-the-line exterior paint unless something else is requested by the owner. After the job is done, we will do a walk around with the owner so we can all inspect the job that was done. After the job is completed and our customer is happy, they can pay us by check, credit card or cash.
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Interior House Painters Boynton Beach

When its time to paint the interior of your Boynton Beach home, it’s important to choose a painting company that’s professional. Hiring a licensed painting contractor is one step to ensure that the painting contractor you are working with has the skills needed paint the interior of your home. The quality of interior paints is not as important as the quality of exterior paint. A good mid-grade paint is what we recommend. Sherwin Williams Interior paints have several sheens. The most popular are flat and satin. House Painters Boynton Beach will make sure all your belongings are protected prior to painting. We will guide you when it comes time to choosing the correct interior paint sheen. If your walls are in good condition, any sheen can be used. However, if the walls are not in the best shape, we recommend using a flat finish paint. When changing the colors of your walls, two coats of good interior paint is always used. The walls will be properly prepped prior to painting. This includes filling holes and sanding.